Automatic (W. pneumatics) Round Can Seaming Machine

Otomatik (Pnömatik) Model Yuvarlak Kutu Kapama Makinesi Otomatik (Pnömatik) Model Yuvarlak Kutu Kapama Makinesi
Otomatik (Pnömatik) Model Yuvarlak Kutu Kapama Makinesi

Our ”automatic“ round box sealing machine model with integrated pneumatics system. Ser Makine's signature "completely stainless” and“ oil-free operation" features are also available in this machine.


In addition to the classic tin boxes, the cardboard body composite and plastic boxes are also hermetically sealed according to the food standards.


For the first time in this machine model, the user has the ability to close the boxes at any height without any manual adjustment.


The pneumatics system detects the height of the box and each time adjusts its pressure and closes the box of any size with the most suitable press


It is extremely compact structure and monophase electricity offer the advantage of economical use.


The machine comes with its own stand.

Product Features & Benefits

  • ”Completely stainless“ construction.
  • Dry running "lubrication-free" mechanism.
  • No need can height adjustment.
  • High box / hour capacity.
  • Rapid operation with foot pedal.
  • Easy shipping and working comfort thanks to lightweight and minimalistic design.
  • Operating cost advantage with the lowest level of electricity consumption.

Teknik Özellikler

Machine Dimensions

Width: 60 cm

Height: 82 cm

Table Height: 660 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Weight: 85 Kg

Production Capacity

Seaming time: 1,8 sn

Seaming time 6 sn.*

Capacity: 500 - 600 * boxes / hour*

* Capacity depends on operator speed


220V Monophase 0,37 Kw – 1400 rpm

Pneumatics Unit

Mains pressure : 6,5 bar

Working pressure :1,1 bar – 4 bar (This value depends on the box to be used. This setting is done on the machine.)

Air Quality: According to ISO 8573-1.2010 standard 7.4.4. should be.


Click for Machine Operation Video

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